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Web Design Dictionary

Web SiteEng. web site
Your workplace on the Internet.
Visual design
Decoration and display of your workplace
Technical Design
The architectural plan of your workplace
Technical infrastructure
Static and earthquake resistance
NavigationEng. navigation
Sections, shelves, etc. smooth and logical placement
Web Designer
Web Programmer
Construction Engineer
Domain Eng. domain
Your business name, address and title deed
IP Eng. rope
Your door number
Com ve Com.tr
ServerEng. server
The building where your workplace is located
Hosting Eng. hosting
The location of your workplace in the building
Hosting Area
The size of your workplace
MB and GBEng. megabyte-gigabyte
Area measurement units
Bandwith Eng. bandwith
Width of the door used for entrance to your workplace
Goods in your workplace or services you offer
Neighborhood headman showing your shop
Google OptimizationEng. google optimization
Good welfare techniques
Firewall Eng. firewall
Security guard on the door
Site Monitoring Eng. site monitoring
Security cameras
Antivirüs Eng. antivirus
Inside security guard
Antispyware Eng. antispyware
Spy spying
Antifraud Eng. antifraud
Virtual letter
SMTP Eng. smtp
Give the letter to the post office
POP3 Eng. pop3
Take the letter from the postman
Customer shopping by hanging baskets through the window
SSL Eng. ssl
Stone hanging on the basket to hang money while hanging the basket
Virtual POS
Receive money without touching credit card
The Welamon
Web God in Internet mythology


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