Welamon Story

We had to build a website for the restaurant we opened with my partner.

But we couldn't decide what to do. In spite of this, everyone around us was guru at one time and they made us conflicting with each other. We were confused.

One evening we met Welamon. He came to our restaurant by chance. And by chance we started chatting. When he learned of our troubles, he briefly informed us and invited us to his office. The next day he asked us questions during an hour-long conversation, trying to understand what we wanted to do. He enlightened us on many issues and then filled out a form. Since there were photos in the form, there were many questions as to whether we would like to update the site or not. We answered them all and gave them to him. Then we asked "So what now?"

”Tomorrow we will send your materials to us, we will get to work, a week later we will deliver your site in a state of publication, mal he said. I remember the question, "Is it that easy?" I got the answer to my question when our website was opened. Everything was as it should be. Exaggerated and complete!

After our web site was published, we received a lot of praise, as the number of visitors increased, the number of customers increased. Now we want to set up an online ordering system. It's time to contact Welamon :)

Sami Üzümcü (Restaurant Owner)

Welamon says; Moments of wisdom..