Nothing But Being Nothing

Why do not we carry the news in the internet that we're going to lie down with the question.

That we have an ultra-talented, supersonic designer was introduced to a chance to meet. I immediately gave him the opportunity to do this opportunity and I offered to work together.

In a meeting attended by our news team and broadcast director, we transferred what we want, what kind of news site we think we are into a supersonic designer. But just because we were talking, he was not asking almost anything. At the end of the meeting, he got out of the office with everything he understood, but it made me feel that he didn't bring any comments to what we said. Imagine that the model was a designer! I was a little bit displeased with this.

Indeed, as I said. Instead of the news site, the latest trends, a nice, iridescent site design came irish. I don't have any say about being creative, but it wouldn't be a good idea for our site visitors to think that after the areas they clicked on to read the news, the photomodels would come out.After all, we were an economy magazine. After seeing the designs of our editor, the things he said were beautifully summed up: I am not sure whether we can do so both artistic, trendy, postmodern, young and fashionable and also economy news. We would either leave the economy and become a magazine magazine or find someone to guide us instead of a supersonic designer.

We haven't found her yet, but we're not magazine magazines. What do we think about the news we do not bring to the internet environment? If the question of the Internet as a man to carry the news we have transformed into a wish statement.

Filiz Merve Çamlıyurt (Editor)

Welamon says; Each web site must have the appropriate visualization function.

Each site does not have to be iridescent. The primary function of the sites is to serve the purpose of the owner. For example, if a sales site is too cool and cannot sell, it will be useless!