What is Welamon?

Be on top of the web world with Welamon

Why Welamon?

  • Experienced; With 17 years of experience.
  • Develops its own technology; has developed its own technology and tested by thousands of institutions for many years.
  • Produces projects with a sectoral approach; Since it works with many different sectors, it offers solutions by seeing your needs ahead.
  • Customer Oriented; fully develops the technologies in your desired design and function.
  • Consultant; supports you with specific solutions by fully understanding your need.
  • Takes care of communication; uses customer-oriented tracking systems to follow you right and manage your business.
  • Supports you at any moment; With support and training services during and after the work process, you are always with you.

What Does Welamon Do?

  • Welamon makes websites that appeal to many different sectors and organizations.
  • Corporate websites (sites of large and multi-unit institutions)
  • KSME websites (sites of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises)
  • Individual websites (Personal websites)
  • E-commerce Sites (Retail or wholesale online sales sites)
  • Online sales and collection sites (Generally selling online services and collecting websites)
  • Portals (Web sites that provide bulk content under certain topics / topics)
  • News Sites (E-newspaper, e-magazine, TV program sites)
  • E-business sites (Web sites that automate business processes)
  • Survey Sites (sites for online research and analysis)
  • Micro sites (periodically advertised ad / PR sites for campaign or product promotion)
  • Advergame sites (Game sites for campaign or product promotion)
  • E-Learning Sites (e-learning sites for distance and online training)

How does it do?

Welamon is not an ordinary web design company.

Welamon makes customers noticeable, with their consulting services, they are distinguished in a crowded environment like the Internet. This is the commercial benefit method of our age, "differentiation" is. But for the differentiation is not just a good design enough. Design is of course important. However, real differentiation arises from the nature and dynamics of the Internet and the business line of the customer, the way of activity, the right evaluation and the correct construction.

Welamon starts by listening to his client, asking him questions. Then he makes suggestions to his customers. After making sure that both sides understand each other correctly, the customer can collect content, edit, etc. Helps in all processes. When all material is ready, it goes into production and completes its work on time. Delivery; means a working site. Does not swell the customer technical details, with additional services and so on. no ugly. It has the infrastructure to provide all additional services within its own structure.

That is why; Welamon is not only a web design company but also an internet success specialist. He enjoys sharing his expertise with his customers.