Domain Escapes I Chase

We had a hands-on firm with a young team of three people to build our website.

Our agreement is domain purchase, hosting, update etc. all the services they would give. After a little delay, they made our site and published it.

According to our agreement, we could ask for updates four times a year. When we requested the first update, the fulfillment of our requests took ten phone calls plus a month. Our second update request was not fulfilled.After a while, the tension in our relationship turned into crisis with asking for money again for the update. Four updates have only used one of us, while the firm's request for money from us removed me. The last time I met him, I turned off the phone and started investigations. I found a firm and agreed. However, our domain information was still in the old company and we could not move our site without this information.

We found out that the situation was worse than we thought. The domain we thought was not actually ours! The men had registered their domain on themselves! So the domain was theirs, and they used it to creep us. It's been a year. We still could not get back the same domain with the full name of our company. Our company's name behind the name of Ltd by adding a little forcing another domain this time we took on us. Our web site is now working on this domain. Our lawyer is still working to get our own domain. Our trust in Turkish justice is endless!

Semin Ferah (Sales Specialist)

Welamon says; I love the web designer's clever agile and the same time.

When working with a web designer, it is good but not enough to examine their knowledge, skills, references. Web work is a matter of relationship, and therefore the company's ethics and ethical commitment are also an important factor.