Google's Curse

When we searched for words about our business on Google, we wanted to go out on the first page, not on the fourth-fifth page.

But our joy was short. Two days had passed since we were no longer on the first page. Next page, next page, next page, I was about to go crazy; we were not even on the 30th page. We called the company. No answer. Call again, call again, no response! We panicked. We're starting to ask the partner. A friend who finally understood these things explained the situation to us.The issue was: We took Google's curse on us. These companies were fooling Google for some time using some three paper methods. But shortly after, Google's artificial intelligence noticed and cursed you. So he wipes you off his indexes and accepts you as none. This interior was painful. We were deleted from the Internet!

So, what now? Our friend told us. What we had to do was sacrifice the god of technology! We have also given !!! We found a firm and changed our site wholesale. We even changed our domain. We kept our content as rich as possible. The company also made the necessary optimizations. After all, it took us three months for the great Google to forgive us. Now we're on page one. And our wrist.

Ahmet Doğruç (Manager)

Welamon says; Tricking Google will spoil the young man.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of sites on Google that want to be on the first page, it is a physical fact that Google has only one first page. On the other hand, the good news is that, as a result of their search for users on Google, they are focused on providing the most useful site. If you do your site's content, technical infrastructure and optimization correctly, your chances of getting out on the first page will increase. Other than that, illegal methods do not bring you anything other than harm.