Both Cheap And Fashionable!

Our website, which was built years ago, became obsolete in terms of both content and design, and it was time to change.

We talked to a few companies. One of them was really interested in us. Crafted a lot of examples without making a deal, they sent very stylish designs. We're impressed by these efforts. Prices were also affordable. We gave them the job. They delivered our site in 15 days. In a word, it was a great, hassle-free job.

However, a further 15 days had not passed; we have received a notice sent by a notary channel. Summaries Turkey representative of an American company to company, we use a design template without permission of their own, so I was telling us that they will sue.

In order to understand what this means, we searched for the company that made our website. The fact that they didn't openly admit themselves after the phone call that didn't arrive at all was the fact that the statement was clear; Our web designer didn't design or design. The copyright he found on the Internet presented us the designs of an American design company as if it were his own. So he stole it. We had had it.

The American company, we paid four times as much compensation for the website, our lawyer, almost half of the cost of attorney and we saved ourselves by paying a fee. The website has come very cheaply, and the company's stamp that violates the copyrights was very stylish!

Zeynep Kırbaş (Customer Representative)

Welamon says; Know what you're buying.

Not only designs, codes can even be stolen. Violations of copyright have serious legal consequences. That is why companies who build a website should make sure that the service they buy is actually produced by the web designer company.