Unfortunately we moved

The events started with our move from Kadıköy to Mecidiyeköy.

We just wanted to change our address and phone numbers on our website. I called our mobile company, which consists of two talented young people, who made our web site that we think we are interested in.

But we couldn't reach the number we were looking for. In fact, trying to reach a company on his cell phone was strange enough, and one could not reach both of them, adding a Sherlock Holmes mystery to the event. So I sent them a short e-mail telling them about my problem. But two days later, there was no response. I've dialed the numbers so I can call them again. But the pleasant female voice in front of me again told me that I could not reach the people I was looking for.

I got bored and let go. We could not update the contact information on the website for a month. Then one day my cell phone rang.In front of us for six months to pursue distributorship, the pages of the correspondence of the general manager of the Korean company had. He was in Istanbul. He was in Kadikoy. It used to be our business, but now it was in the Black Sea restaurant shop and asked us if you had abandoned the import of textile machinery!

I trembled. I took a deep breath and Korean
I said hi.

Ziya İlk (Owner)

Welamon says; Work with enterprise web designer companies.

While having a website is a short process, operating is a time-consuming process and requires a long-term, healthy relationship with the designer company. Therefore, it is beneficial to work with companies that are institutionalized and ethical.