Our Nephew...

We needed a website.

Whom we must make, how to make the boss say, "Our nephew, computerist, the moments of these things, let's call him," he said. Nephew, "I'll handle this," he replied, "oh what happened," said the case.

The nephew came to the company the next day. After a brief meeting, we gave the logo of our company to our company to make use of it as a content. He also started to work. A month has passed. While we waited for the finished site, he came up with a outline of the site only. On top of that, the draft was like a surrealist joke.

Yeah, I wasn't a web designer, but I was an industrial design engineer. I knew little about what color matching was, what object criteria should be. At that moment, I knew this wouldn't work with the nephew. But when I tried to transfer the situation to the boss, I realized that he was afraid to break his niece. So I designed the design as far as possible and sent the nephew to start coding the site.

After another month, a part of our website was published. Let me explain what it's like to be on the air. Some pages are running and some pages have the page not found! The contact form is being filled, but it is not reaching us!

On top of it, there was a self-loosing situation on the site, where you came from and where you were not. We called the nephew again. However, web design will not be much of a nephew, so he sailed into the new waters. He went to America, pumping in a gas station.

Our site? She's still on the air for a while now.Emir Fikrici (Assistant Manager)

Welamon says; No dentist from the barber.

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